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Schema coverage#

Schema coverage based on documents. Find out how many times types and fields are used in your application.



Run the following command:

graphql-inspector coverage DOCUMENTS SCHEMA


  • DOCUMENTS - a glob pattern that points to GraphQL Documents / Operations
  • SCHEMA - point to a schema


  • -s, --silent- Do not render any stats in the terminal (default: false)
  • -w, --write <s> - Write a file with coverage stats (disabled by default)
  • -d, --deprecated - Fail on deprecated usage (default: false)
  • -r, --require <s> - require a module
  • -t, --token <s> - an access token
  • -h, --header <s> - set http header (`--header 'Auth: Basic 123')
  • --method - method on url schema pointers (default: POST)
  • --federation - Support Apollo Federation directives (default: false)
  • --aws - Support AWS Appsync directives and scalar types (default: false)


Depending on enabled flags, a printed GraphQL Schema with stats per each field and a json file with data.